Cosmos Counterfeit Checks is the right place to ensure the safety and credibility of a product, we realize that in such a vast digital world, the chances of being exposed to fraud and fraudulent acts are getting higher and higher. Find the full feature below.

Find out the authenticity of the product you are going to buy

Simply Via Link

Check the authenticity of the products you will buy from the Marketplace simply by entering the product link. Make sure to buy the original product!

Customer Testimonials

Featuring reviews from buyers who feel cheated by the products they bought online, so that it can be a consideration and increase your awareness when shopping online.

The rampant circulation of counterfeit goods has resulted in people being trapped into buying counterfeit goods. Buying counterfeit goods will certainly have many risks and disadvantages. As good citizens, we must be proud and participate in using local products. Because by using local products, we are helping to advance the SME business and help realize development. Avoid buying counterfeit products, always make sure the product you buy is the original product.

We have a well curated Local Brand site. Visit Cosmos’ Local Brand site to find the original brands you want. Or you can also visit other trusted sites that guarantee the authenticity of the products.