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The Internet has become a medium to promote products owned by various businesses. Internet Marketer (or called Imers) is a person who starts a business by advertising various kinds of products owned by others on the Internet. Internet Marketing is certainly a part of digital marketing that focuses on marketing products through media connected to the internet. This Imers Pocket Guide is organized to convey various things that need to be known and can be done to start becoming an Imers.

Digital Applications

Local Brand

Lokalbrand.centerforsme.org is a platform that collects local Indonesian brands and conveys information related to their price range, advantages, as well as social media accounts and marketplace accounts. Through lokalbrand.centerforsme.org you will find it easier to find local brand products according to your wishes.

Local IP

Lokalip.centerforsme.org is a platform that collects Indonesian local IP (Intellectual Property) that has the potential to collaborate with SMEs and institutions or businesses in general. On this platform, social media matrices have been summarized and directly view their social media.

Dynamic Data

Data.centerforsme.org is a platform that collects a lot of dynamic data that has been compiled for easy data analysis. Find more features below.

Local Supplier

Supplier.centerforsme.org is a platform to make it easier for you to find suppliers for all your needs around the area where you live.

Digital Library

Find a variety of Journals in various categories and inspirational sources that will broaden your horizons in doing research. You can easily access a variety of useful information sources.

Knowledge Base

Find a wide range of inspirational articles and resources that will broaden your horizons in business development. Various sources of useful information can be easily accessed.

Distribution Game

Simulate supply chain management from manufacturer to customer, manage your inventory, predict future orders and achieve the lowest cost!

Warehouse Operation Simulator

Simulate warehouse management from receiving goods, storage, assembly to shipping.

Counterfeit Checks

Cosmos Fake Checks is the right place to ensure the safety and credibility of a product listing, we realize that in the vast digital world, the chances of being exposed to fraud and fraudulent acts are getting higher and higher. Therefore, we are here to provide protection and trust to you while browsing the internet.


We provide forecasting services for your business by comparing your sales history data with google trends data.

Partner's Inclusivity Products

KamiBijak, “Kami Berbahasa Isyarat Jakarta” is an information media platform that facilitates access to disability-friendly information, especially for individuals with hearing impairments (Deaf) through visual media in the form of Sign Language videos and text.

Kerjabilitas is a social career network that connects people with disabilities to inclusive employers in Indonesia. Kerjabilitas is also a website and mobile software-based information platform that connects people with disabilities to job seekers and employers.

Partner's Scale Up Products


Bersama PaDi UMKM, mari tingkatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi UMKM untuk Indonesia yang lebih maju.

UKM Jagowan

Katalog Brand Lokal terpilih dari seluruh wilayah di Indonesia dengan informasi bisnis terlengkap.

Ruang 412

Ruang 412 menjadi pendamping bisnis untuk mengembangkan serta memperluas jangkauan bisnismu.


SMEsta adalah Portal Nasional UKM oleh Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM Indonesia.

Partner's Skill Up Products

Program Pelatihan UKM
Pelatihan UKM
Pembelajaran Pelatihan UKM
Hasil Analisa Kemenparekraf
Media Pengembangan UMKM

Skill Up Activities


Together with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Cosmos held a Technical Guidance on Business and Creative Economy Proposal Writing and Presentation.