About Us

Because COSMOS understands that various SMEs at different stages struggle to develop their businesses, we have a long-term vision to boost Indonesian SMEs by stimulating their value chain integration in order to accelerate their development.

Together with professional leaders who believe that SMEs are integral to Indonesian culture, COSMOS conducts research, education, and public advocacy to help Indonesian SMEs grow.

Our Approach

COSMOS believes that each and every Indonesian UKM should have an equal opportunity to grow its business, expand its market, become a trendsetter and win over a domestic market, eventually becoming globally competitive.

In addition, COSMOS strives for alleviating poverty, reducing the unemployment rate, promoting a circular economy, and accelerating economic growth for the social welfare of Indonesia, an element in SME the chain, both upstream and downstream.

Our Approach​

Our Commitment

on Partnership and Collaboration.

As an independent think tank, COSMOS embraces every type of partnership and collaboration, as long it is based on the same purpose and values as ours.

At this initial stage, COSMOS now gets full support from Evermos, a leading social commerce platform in Indonesia that is also committed for promoting the growth and development of SMEs.

Our Vision

COSMOS will become a leading research center to develop SMEs in Indonesia to become sustainable and globally competitive in order to contribute to the social welfare of their communities.

Our Mission

Produce High-Quality Research

as an Impactful Reference in developing competitive national SMEs.

Foster Knowledge & Skills

of SME actors to be competitive at national and international levels.

Take an Active Role in Stimulating Value Chain Integration

that supports SMEs development.


We highly value our work with collaboration, perfection, innovation, and progressive.

Pentahelix Cooperation Network

We emphasize the importance of collaboration and linkages between the five elements of the pentahelix in achieving success. Strong integration between government, academia, non-governmental organizations, business associations, and the media enables SMEs to face challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.


  • Building a stronger creative industry with hyperlocal values
  • Support SMEs to build a sustainable and globally competitive business framework
  • Supporting the Government to educate the public about the importance of entrepreneurship in Indonesia


  • Research
  • Technical Assistance
  • Capacity Development
  • Policy Evaluation & Recommendation

Research Roadmap

  • Phase 0 (Now) : Summary of the Problem Situation
  • Phase 1 : Value Chain Mapping
  • Phase 2 : Value Chain Improvement
  • Phase 3 : Value Chain Collaboration
  • Phase 4: Value Chain Integration
  • Phase 5 : Value Ecosystem Integration

Annual Activity Report

2023 : Establishing a Sustainable Work System
for SME Research

The year 2023 is a very dynamic and challenging year. Since its commencement in December 2022 and the start of its operation in January 2023, Cosmos started by completing organization’s legal and financial features. Vision, mission, roadmaps, and research topics for 2023-2024 was decided to help set the direction of the organization. Recruitment and mentoring process was carried out properly to build a robust and winning team of researchers. Within a year Cosmos has created almost 100 writings and more than 10 digital products. Detail information is available in this book.

Oversight Board

Arip Tirta

  • Co-Founder and President at Evermos
  • Independent Commissioner at BRI Ventures

Noviar Rahman

  • Director at INFIA Group
  • Adjunct Lecturer at ITB
  • Associate Consultant at ICLOV

Board of Director

Executive Director

Titah Yudhistira, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.

Faculty of Industrial Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Deputy Executive Director

Dr. Putu Giri Artha Kusuma, S.T., M.T., CPLM, ESLog.

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Telkom

Research Director


Dr. Femi Yulianti, S.Si., M.T., CPLM, ESLog.

Chairman of Digital Supply Chain Program, Universitas Telkom

Prasanti Widyasih Sarli, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Program Director

Yudi Thaddeus, S.T., M.T.

Head of INFIA Consulting & System Development

Thisya Meutia Sari

Head of Marketing Evermos & Curator of Global Shapers Bandung

Supporting Team

Rosana Yuditia Ripi

Program Manager

Devina Maharani

Community Developer


Finance & HR Manager

Silvanie Paulla

Program Manager & Pitch Deck Creator

Intan Elvira

Lead Researcher

M Dwi Eriyadi

Assitant Writer & Graphic Designer

Ribka Wulan S

Associate Researcher

Rayhan Arterio

Associate Researcher