Simulate warehouse management from receiving goods, storage, assembly to shipping. Everything becomes more fun with Warehouse Operation Simulator Game.

Simulate Warehouse Management with More Fun and Excitement

Multiple Game Modes

There are various game modes that you can play so that the game becomes exciting and not boring. Starting from sorting incoming goods, storing goods to assembling goods.

Challenging Difficulty Level

Level after level has different levels of difficulty. The higher the level played will make the game more challenging. Play each level and achieve a perfect score on each difficulty level.

Receive and Sort Goods

Receive and Sort Items before dispatch. Ensure all items are properly sorted in the time available.

Store Items Properly

Store goods for production needs correctly according to capacity size and storage temperature to maintain the durability of raw materials during the storage period.

Create Optimal Production

Manage production costs appropriately and to the minimum to optimize production. Achieve production targets with the time available.