Potential of local creative IP in the national and global economy

In my previous article, I provided a basic explanation of the character-based IP development model through social media distribution channels. Because I have so many captivating examples to share, the article has become quite long, and I hope it encourages you and motivates my creative friends to pursue their passions and contribute to this intriguing industry.

I will continue to talk about the importance and attractiveness of the creative IP industry in Indonesia, especially from a macro, national, and future perspective, in this article. The first reason is the one mentioned in the previous article. To read it, go to https://centerforsme.org/model-pengembangan-ip-kreatif-lokal/.

A well-established IP can lead to the expansion of business development globally, which is the second reason. I attempted to explain in my last article that the IP can be spread from the media, particularly if a fanbase has been established. The economic turnover generated must also be very high if that’s the case. For example, when an IP sells merchandise, the businesses involved in one supply chain must be many so that in other words the IP will involve MSMEs in its derivative business activities, one example is the manufacture of merchandise.

Exporting intellectual property becomes effortless when it is well-developed and handled appropriately, which is the third point. The reason why IP does not pose any significant challenges or complexities during the export process is because it is properly nurtured. For example, Upin & Ipin effortlessly made their way into Indonesia. Particularly in the age of social media, we can create an IP with a global perspective and language. It will be very easy for us to penetrate the outside market. In today’s world, the process of exporting IP no longer requires the need to address customs and other associated concerns. INFIA has made Tahilalats widely known in countries such as Japan, Korea, China, America, and others.

I think that character-based IP is still strong, even when faced with negative news in entertainment, politics, or any other aspect of social life. It has a lot of resistance and persistence. The IP demonstrates an impressive level of resilience, making it highly resistant to disruption. So, when faced with a disruption such as COVID-19, it actually represents a significant milestone in the progression of character-based IP, which is currently being developed. Not only does it exhibit a high level of resistance to information disruption, but even if there are supply chain complications, they won’t be a significant issue. As long as we can effectively communicate digitally, there will be no cause for worry.

The fifth reason is due to flexibility, unlike individual artists who face constraints in terms of energy, time, concentration, skills, and other factors, a developed and trustworthy IP can be seamlessly integrated into various contexts simultaneously. The capability to navigate and adapt autonomously is a testament to its remarkable flexibility.

The last reason is, when it comes to intellectual property (IP), it makes it easier to maintain the image, particularly the one connected to the product it is associated with. For example, if the approach involves utilizing brand ambassadors like artists or public figures, there is a risk or vulnerability that these individuals may be involved in scandals. However, with IP, this issue does not arise. Nevertheless, this pertains specifically to IP that is attached or intertwined with the role of a brand ambassador. Hence, utilizing IP as a brand ambassador ensures a greater freedom from scandals.

It’s important to remember that our discussion is about the creative economy, which is the economic benefits that come from intellectual property. Such a definition allows for a fast spin-off, not only due to the advertising generated by the intellectual property, but also due to the various derivative activities associated with it. Selling merchandise, entering into licensing agreements, or engaging in any other business-related endeavours are examples of these activities. The economic turnover produced by a highly dynamic and exponentially growing intellectual property will undoubtedly have a significant impact.

So I conveyed 6 things that are the reasons why this IP is important to develop and can become the next economic driver.


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